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Both, my husband and I, are originally from Germany, but live in Australia. When my daughter was about 3 and a half years old, we spent a weekend at a tourist resort and were playing around in the pool, talking German. Nearby were three elderly ladies and watched us. Suddenly my daughter swam over to them (she always had a thing for 'grandmas') and one of the ladies happily started chatting to the child. Her friend said: 'The little girl doesn't understand what you are saying, she is German.'
My daughter smiled and said: "No. I understand. I'm bilingual." You should have seen the amazement on the faces of these three ladies! They approached me and asked: "How is it possible, that such a young toddler speaks two languages?" I  explained our situation and informed them, that
my daughter wasn't thinking about the languages, she just answered in the language she was addressed with. They needed time to get over this
stunning fact and kept playing and talking to Lisa for a while, and mentioning to me how astounded they were, that kids have the ability to just suck up this knowledge like a sponge, without even thinking about it.
I have to admit, my daughter wasn't the fastest one, when it came to the age at which she started talking. But once she had decided, that she wanted to have some input in the world of speech, she was really easy to understand and pronounced the words clearly.
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she was slow to start cus she was THINKING about what she was going to say.....

Of course, I realize that! But I don't want to be one of those mothers, who think they have super heroes and future novel price winners in the coming. I tell the truth... although I would sometimes love to brag about the 'sunshine' in my life!

That's wonderful, I think It would be great to be able to fuently speak two languages, a real help for the future.

Yes, definitely. I'll put another story on EP about her development as soon as I have more time...