Raised Him As My Own

My daughter was only 14. One day she changed, became more withdrawn, moody, started to do poorly in school, and wouldn't talk to me about it. I knew something was wrong, and when she was about 4 months. I noticed her belly starting to grow and she had been sick for so long, I ended up sitting down with her and asking hr if she was pregnant. She told me yes, and we both cried. She had been raped, and she wouldn't tell me by who. This was during a time when unwed teenage pregnancy was completely unacceptable, and I wanted my daughter to have a chance at a better life then that, so I agreed to raise her child myself. My husband was deployed at the time, so I had to tell him over the phone. It was devastating to our entire family. I faked a pregnancy for 5 months, wearing padding on my stomach, my older children sworn to secrecy and my youngest was kept in the dark (he was only 4 at the time). Dottie stayed in school until she couldn't hide it anymore, then we told everyone she had mono.

Alfie was born in July. Dottie's water broke in the middle of the night so I dropped my other kids off at my sister's then took her to the hospital. They whisked her away into delivery and I waited in the waiting room. The waiting room was horrible. It was only men in there, and I was the only woman. It was 12 hours before they said I had a grandson, 6 lbs 4 oz. I went in to see Dottie, who was exhausted, and when they brought Alfie in they handed him to me, and I handed him to Dottie. I cried for a lot of reasons, meeting my first grandchild and knowing his life would never be normal, and the pain my daughter had to go through. I promised Dottie that we would tell Alfie about his true parentage when she felt ready. She went to school and became a nurse and when Alfie was 9, Dottie and I told him about his true parentage. He was confused and a little angry, but overall he took it well. He wanted to know who hi father was but Dottie just said "I don't know."

When Alfie was 13, he moved in with Dottie. They grew closer and started to have a more mother-son relationship, though it was difficult for them for a while. As he got older he wanted to know more abut his father, so when he was a little older she told him about the circumstances of his conception. He struggled with it, of course, but he's learned how to accept it. I assumed my role as grandmother  even though it was bumpy for a while.
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May 21, 2012