My Family Of 5....

On January 18, 2010, my life took a turn for the worst. My greatest fear, worst nightmare came true. My mother unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. As i walked into my mothers room to wake her, i knew something was wrong i touched her face, it was ice cold.. i fell to the floor screaming, my little sister was asleep next to her. as i got up to run for the phone my brother asked what was wrong i said moms dead he thought it was a joke, i said no no its not. From that piont on i had to decide what to do with my bro and sis who are 14 and 12. i was torn. i didnt know what to do. i just had a baby of my own and wanted to have my own life. their father is a drug addict and lives in the ghetto 300 miles away. my grandmas a nut case. my aunts are selfish. i couldnt put them in foster care. so i decided we will stay together and live in moms house. i got legal gardianshipof them. it hasnt been easy. they dont have much respect for me even though i gave up having my own life so they can be with family. my mother spoiled them rotten, they never had to do chores or pick up after themselves they were used to me doing it. Now i need there help i cant do it all by myself. they both have ADHD and my sister has ODD. i took them off there pills cuz it made them more depressed so i have to deal with their wacked behavior. The father of my child lives with us. he cant stand thier back talking and messyness witch causes fighting between us. as soon as he gets off work the bitching starts about the kids. i started going to church for the first time in my life after mom passed away. it didnt last long, i went to a christion counseling place to get some grief counseling, the lady told me my mother probably didnt make it to heaven, i lost it. i havent been to church since. if there is a god why would he let that man molest me? let my mother get beaten on a daily basis? let us be homeless? let our fathers be drug addicts? and the worst take our mother after weve been through so much? if i had one wish it would be to have lunch with my mother one last time, and make sure she knows how much she means to me.
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You are so brave, it might just take time have u tried like rewards? doing certain chores for the wifi code or money?