Pressin' All My Buttons, Babe......

I don't get women. I'm just baffled, confused, bewildered and befuddled. All I can do is stand and stare blankly at times.
A girl friend of mine and I have been arguing for reasons that don't matter in this story for the last week. I can't say anything had really been resolved but we hadn't continued the argument for the last two days, I guess we left it to hang there and hope it fades away, and making zero effort to contact the other either.
Tonight, her car stalled out about three miles from the bar and since I live right there, she called me, I guess. That would be my guess anyway, quickest line from point A to point B kind of thing. When I arrived, she thanked me with a half hug, although she was a bit frustrated considering the circumstances, but still. I still thought I ranked a little better than that, considering our circumstances and considering I was playing hero at the moment. Her boyfriend was busy with some ps3 game with his buddy, although I'm quite sure he didn't intend for her to call moi!
So I popped the hood and pretended to look around, as if I could see anything in the dark and through all the grime and dust on the engine. She stood beside me looking at the engine, waiting for me to come up with some miraculous and quick answer, and most importantly, a fix. No, she wasn't helpful, and she wasn't talkative either. Not a single word.
My miraculous answer was to drive her to the bar so she wasn't late and come back to wait for a tow truck. This is exactly how I wanted to spend my evening. We no sooner get on the road before she decides that my music selection is not right for the moment. "There's a song I want to listen to." And she knows I have it on my phone so she grabs it, which is technically something I don't care for, stops the song I was listening to and find the very specific one she wants. Not only that, she turns the volume up even louder than it already was, making it completely impossible for a conversation even if she seemed interested in one. During the song, which is significant, she stared out the window and kept tugging her bottom lip from between her teeth.
I pulled up to the bar and turned the volume down, glanced over and waited for her to get her quiet self out, yet she turned and looked at me like she was going to say something.......then didn't. What?? She looked forward, then ultimately changed her mind for good, I could tell. She hopped out of the car and gave me a half smile before telling me she'd see me later.
So she says all that to say what?? Really girls? What are you saying when you act like that and don't say stuff?
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Rofl she wanted you to jump on her and kiss the c..r...a...p out of her... She wanted you to take control like a man over a woman!!!! Maybe next time do your ninja move lolol

ha, yeah, the ninja move doesn't apply with her. And what makes a woman think it's okay to overlook all the crap that was going on between the two parties and just think about wantin sex???

Lol good question... Some use sex to WORK it out...on each other...or to take it out on each other... Tee hee lolol...but if you can do it without sex then you must be good!!! Lol

Oh well. When I behave like this, I want him to know. I want him to know everything, without me telling him. I want him to read me. Can't say it works though *sigh* But I don't think this was the case here. We are all very different even in our weirdness and complexity ;)

See? She even baffled another chick