William Vs. Anastasia Rap Battle.

This rap battle is an inside joke. It is between William, a Human Scholar, and Anastasia, a Vampire from Clan Lasombra. I am sure this rap battle will make no sense, but I had a lot of fun writing it at the time. Saddly, William is dead, and so is Abir. Anastasia is still alive... and causing far too much damage.

*Thumping Beat as played by DJ Abir and her Mystical Lyre*



My name is William Scribe and it's English for awesome,

Got stuck with a couple of leaches who fake life playing possum.

I won’t stand this type of torcher, so I’m bringing it down.

Anastasia, no one likes you, get the **** out of town.



That’s some pretty bold statements from a man with no power.

Can’t even stand the sight of blood your nothing more than a coward.

I have all the friends I need, you know there me, myself and I.

And you’ll be lucky to hit 30 and I’ll never ******* die.



You really call that living? Cuz I call it a joke.

Can’t even go out in the daylight cuz you’ll do worse than smoke.

I have all the power I need, it only takes a pointed stick.

Dig your grave up where you’ve laid up and you’ll burn pretty quick.



I’d like to see you try because that sun’s pretty hot.

I hope you don’t run out of water, you’re not as strong as you thought.

Try to find me in the desert, turn up every single grain.

I know exactly what you’re thinking, I can get in your brain!


*DJ Abir kicks it up a notch*This rap ab


(Double Time)

Domination becomes frustration; I’m immune to all mind infiltration.

Explanation? Here’s a translation: I don’t take orders from Abominations.

You’re life’s an emulation, an imitation, an obligation from the beast.

I can’t wait for that Cremation, I’ll be celebrat’n when you’re finally Deceased.


And don’t you think anyone can control me; I’ve got the will of a god.

What makes you think I’d follow orders from a sun fearing broad?

Not even angels can control me, so you can blow me: I do what I want!

And if I die in 30, don’t you worry, you’ll be the first ****** I haunt.



I rule the abyss mother ******, I summon darkness from hades.

Watch my mortal victims flail about like they are dying of rabies.

I can snap you in an instant, I can tear you in two.

Cut you into tiny pieces and feed Abir some William stew.


I’m a sick sadistic *****; I’m not afraid to cross the line.

Kill yourself you worthless peasant, no one wants to hear you whine.

Abir won’t marry you because you’re probably gay for Rene.

No wonder Francis left you and Henry all the way back in Marseille.

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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

entirely kickass.I bow to this rhyme scheme.

Omg thats awesome, i laughed so hard at the cusses