Oh My!

Being one that rather have sex than read about it, I wasn't really interested in reading these books when I first heard about them months ago.

But I kept hearing about them and hearing about them, and my girlfriend assured me that there is a great love story here and my Mom said they were tame compared to some of the erotica she has read so I borrowed them from my friend.


I am about two thirds through the first book and it really is hard to put down...
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

I loved it when my wife read the three books of Fifty Shades she was so horned up. And I got to reap the benefits!

Where's my contract?

I recently was in VA vacationing with my youngest daughter. Virtually every woman poolside was reading this book - lmao

They are pretty good books Bassy. ;)

Yes but can mankind live up to them?

I would say as much as womankind can live up to a man's fantasy... Whatcha think? :)