The Patriarchs I've now completed reading Genesis and have learnt some really interesting trivia.
Jacob was 70 when he ran from Esau!
Joseph was in prison 13 years or more and he still never lost hope.
Sarah laughed sceptically when told of Isaac's birth, Abraham laughed with joy and Isaac means laughter.
Jacob never calls God 'my God' till he wrestled with him.
Of course, there are many more things and religious insights but, the trivia really gets me excited.
The most interesting one, Isaac was almost sacrificed on the same mountain range that Jesus was crucified on!
What I can't wrap my head around is the concept of Divine Election. Well, will keep at it till the concept is divinely revealed.
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Hope, this is heavy stuff. Speaking of Genesis, Christians in Europe and North America see countless images of the apple as the forbidden fruit. Howeve, Genesis only refers to the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil - a device not real fruit, and the fruit is never specified. Christians in Lebanon, Syria, and other parts of the middle east and points east laugh at the notion that the bible describes an apple and the fruit involved in the fall from grace. We get set in our ways...<br />
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I have read the entire book (all of it) a couple of times. There is much to be said. I like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's characterization that the story of organized religion is not the story of man in search of God, but rather the story of "God in search of man." Makes me think.

@DJ - You're right. I did read both sides of the argument and decided that I was Calvinistic. The basic concept seems fairly straight forward but, when you start applying it to real life situations, things can get pretty confusing.<br />
I've decided that as long as God understands it, I'm happy. And as his creation, I'm not going to question his wisdom.