Woot Reading!!

I am in Bible school and WHAT I have to read the whole bible this semester, by early December. I'm not that far yet, also its really different because I never really was into reading the bible. Now I have to, also all summer and last year maybe even longer I didn't really go to church or anything. Now I have to go to Chapel every day, read my entire bible, and volunteer at a church. I'm a little stressed out, but I'm gonna embrace the change.
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I missed this story. I know I am late with my comment but how did this work out, were you able to read the Bible. I've been reading it too since I became Born Again last year but it's real difficult to read because I don't always understand or follow what is going on. It's good that you go to church and that you even volunteer there. Where you go to a Bible school or something?

I read most of the bible, but I plan on finishing it. I do go to a bible school. I came to this school because I thought I was drifting away from my faith and wanted to be more spiritual, but I realized this is more for people who wanna be a pastor.

WOW, that's awesome! It's always good to talk to another Believer on here. I didn't know you were so devout in your faith. I have to admit that I do feel as if I am dirfting (or "backsliding" as it is sometimes called) from my faith. Not to much but enough for some alarms to go off. But I'm hoping to correct that.

sometime we take on to much stuff all at once so back off a little to give your self some time to all the new thing God bless you