Currently I'm in the begining of Leviticus I had almost wanted to stop because of all the chapters about how to build the ark of the covenant and the table it goes on and the cloth temple curtains and how to make the priests robs and chest-pieces and what you can and cannot be sacrificed to God..... But luckily I didn't stop and read through it and now I am at the part about a guy who's Israelite mother and Egyption father were fighting and he blasmphemed the Lord's name and then they stoned that guy to death... but I do wonder if anyone can help me, how did he blasphemed God's name so bad that he had to be stoned to death?

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I'm in the same boat as you, SY. Just finished the first chapter of Leviticus, and boy, was it a relief from the end of Exodus! That stuff about the tabernacle was really repetitive. I had always heard that the most boring part of the Bible is the genealogy stuff in Genesis, but that wasn't so bad. Most of the "begat" stuff didn't even last a chapter, but that tabernacle part was several chapters! Anyway, it probably shouldn't matter...Moses put it in there because God told him to, and God does everything for a reason...but still. Now I'm reading about how the priests are supposed to sacrifice animals.

Lol, I know RopinTexan, at first I thought I was re-reading pages, and realized "awe man - Im not re-reading pages" I think they repeated that stuff like 3 times. And when you get to the part where Moses is about to go to heaven and talking to his people -he starts talking about that stuff again - I was like "Come On". Sorry my response is so late, how far are you in now?

Well, last time I read, I had just started Deuteronomy, but unfortunately, I've lost my iPhone, which has my reading plan in it. So I'm not going to read the Bible in a year like I thought, but I'll resume as soon as I get a new phone. How far are you?

What would the world be without dreamers Jake. Building castles in the air is good. Next thing you need to do is to put the foundations underneath that castle.

Notice in the Old Testament, how people are faithful and prayer regularly during their trials, but when things are going well, they forget that all things are provided by God. They become puffed up with pride and forget God, stray from the commandments....<br />
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we, today, are not that much different. there is still relevant wisdom in the Old Testament.

It's ok to read other people's take on their faith. Funny thing is, whichever perspective they take seems to work out that way for them. Joel Osteen preaches "Health & Wealth" prosperity and yet others say, suffering is the way to understand God better. <br />
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Christians can be disappointing at times, but that's because they are human, with fallibilities. Do not judge the scripture by how some believers act, or else you will always be disappointed. Although it is God's will that believers set themselves among other believers, you have to be careful about the family you join. Most other believers are still searching for the right path themselves and not always a reliable guide. <br />
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I hate to say this, being a Christian myself, but just be as guarded among other Christians as you are among unbelievers. The parable about building our house on a rock foundation rather than shifting sand is about taking the word of God and living it out, versus having to live up to other people's expectations. Remember, the rain fell and the storm blew but the house stood strong.

The King James Version of the Bible is the most correct translation of the original scripture.<br />
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Other books are commentary by man, not the word of God

Yes. One Bible, The" Ryrie" study Bible defines 'generation' as meaning "race", now that could confuse a lot of people!

Well I'm a christian although I haven't been to church in 6 years. It wasn't that I lost faith in God more-so I lost faith in the people there - But its cool I want to get a better understanding of what I'm reading because those side notes they have in the bible are at times just as confusing you know?

You will find a lot of hard core stuff in the old testement. Even cussing your mom and dad was a death sentence. Are you religious? I ask you that , because I am a bible expert and I don't want to say anything that might weaken your faith if we happen to talk about it in length. It is a wonderful thing to have faith. A lot of these stories were told just as a "school lesson" for future generations, but they really did stone people at the drop of a hat back in those times, just as they do today under sharia law in parts of the middle east. I don't believe Gods' hand was in the cruelty, but that is just what I believe.