I'm currently in the kings chapter right after Solomon built the temple for the ark of the covenant. The previous chapters Samuel and Joshua were awesome... alot of fighting and bravery and that one battle were God made the sun stay out all day so they could fight. It amazes me though how all that God had done for his people they were still just as hard headed as a brick wall and how quickly they started to worship other gods..... But I guess even today we are still hard-headed. 

I did like the story about how the philistines I think beat the israelites and took the ark to their camp and put in into their gods temple and the idol they had of their god had fell down on its face infront of the ark and they put it back in its place and the next day it had fallen down again on its face infront of the ark and the third time the head and arms came off the statue and was placed by the threshold and where ever they tried to take the ark the whole city broke out in boils then they had to send it back to the Israelites on a cart pulled by two un-yolked calves and they made gold tumors and rats I suppose to make amends to God for taking the ark in the first place........

And I like how when David was on the run from Saul that he had chances to kill him but he didn't he basicallywas just messin with him like cutting his robe and taking his spear and wine jug and was like "see I could of killed you but I didn't" and he was messin with the kings personal guard and was like "you suppose to be protecting the king but where is his spear, where is his jug? - I got them over here" - Awesome

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Well it's been 6 years since I've been to church. At first it was the people that made me stop going - they were hypocrits - they didn't practice what they preached, I had learned that church people could be just as bad as anyone else. Now though I think it has to do with laziness, Im a heavy sleeper I can never wake up on time to go to church so I decided "the least I could do is read the bible" so here I am, I started because I felt obligated - God saved me again, but now I continue to read because the stories have grabbed my attention, I can't put it down.

I'm reading the 'new living" translation bible. It is of today's language. It amazes me how interesting the bible is, I'm glad I decided to do it.