Then Reality Hit..........

If you've read my previous stories here i've been reading the bible I am at  2 kings. Well I've been talking to a co-worker about reading the bible and all the different stories that i've read. I was pretty reaved up about reading the bible and that I had a friend to talk to about it, he seemed pretty siked that i was reading it front to back - he told me he tried but couldn't get past deutoronmy. 

Today he tells another co-worker in front of me about me reading the bible and how i am at 2 kings. He said it like he was proud of me you know, the other I thought was a cool guy. He's a church guy and funny and heartwarming - just a cool guy. But when he told him about he the 'cool - guy' said  "whats the point in her reading it if she ain't going to take anything from the bible?"..

Some reading this might ask themselves "whats the problem?", but for me this was like a kick right to the throat - to assume that I couldn't grasp or take the lessons seriously - that hurt me. This guy who is a man of god and funny and charming - he just assumed that for me reading the bible was just a joke.... b/c of people like him is the reason why i stopped going to church......... I haven't picked up the bible since he made that comment, I don't even know if I"ll continue to read it............ I was happy, really happy reading the bible but according to this guy -  I'm wasting God's time.

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Suk Young....I haven't read the whole bible--but I have read a lot of different parts of it. Some stories are so fascinating.....I admire anyone who has the perseverance to read it all. The collection of books that make up the bible are an important part of our culture. Anyone who studies the scriptures of any culture are worthy of respect. Any person who would say something to discourage you--may be politely ignored.

There are sorry *** people in every group; christianity is no exception. The guy needs his face slapped by about 300 psi of bible.<br />
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Glad you snapped out of it. Don't listen to morons. They're toxic.

Thanks everyone for their input .... its been awhile since I've been on here but just to update I've reach up to the chapter AMOS. Im still reading and glad I've continued

i wouldn't worry about what the guy said. you don't have to read him. the devil will use many means of deterring people from learning the truth. and just because you read doesnt make you an instant perfect person overnight. it's too bad your coworker doesnt realize that. but please don't give up! you are on the right track which is more than most people are.

right on, its a good thing to know God,Goddess,love and light mary

I started to read it because i felt obligated to do so, I hadn't been to church in a long time and he has saved me on more than 1 occasion - and when i say saved I mean spritiualy and physically thats how I got started reading the bible. But then i liked it, it intrigued me like any other book so I continuted because i reallywanted to.Today I realized why did I let his comment get to me? I thank everyone who commented on this story, everyone one had a valid point and it did give me alot of insight into myself and the other people involved. Some one said one thing and i was being so hard on myself feeling like a scumbag. But I haven't stopped reading, I'm continuing and Im going to finish because I want to. ~ Thanks

oh my God stop it please,,,,you braged on this sick puppy who thinks he knows so much about God,,,,please there is not one church out there worth their salt,,,,it is not a waste of your time to read Gods word that man had a hand in writing,,,,when you read it ask God to point out the truths,because there are things in there that man has twisted to say pretty much say what ever they will.That book that recitly I had a preacher,tell me that it is the best seller,oh you do not know how inraged I was to hear him say that,,,,,anyway it is your spiritual guild book,but I do not recomend stopping at that book,there are other that will fill your mind with more knowledge and wisdom,,,,My favorite part of the bible,will I have two ,Song of Solman,and revalations,,,,in the book of revalation my best chapters are 5 and 11,,,,love and light to you my friend,,,never give up on truth it shall set you free,,,Mary

Don't let a RUDE ignorant person like that stop you from reading the Bible. It's not like his opinion is important anyways....<br />
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If you were a vegetarian, and attended a group with some other vegetarians and then found out that they had actually been sneaking meat would that make you quit being a vegetarian? <br />
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I'm just saying, that it really doesn't matter what other so-called "Christians" say or do. What you do is not about them -it's 100% between you and God.<br />
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Though I think that his remark was extremely uncalled for.

the real question you need tolook at is why were you reading to beging with? It appears from your story that you are using this person as a reason to read and then not to read.<br />
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Regardless of this person your reading your Bible is something you do for yourself and the relationship you want to have with God. Don't let someone like this put you down. He said he couldn't do it, yet you were. <br />
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So now you are like him, you couldn't do it either. Being Christian doesn't mean we are not still subject to satan's influence. This person allowed themselves to be used by discouraging you in this way. You then allowed yourself to be used by doing the very thing satan wanted. Not reading the Bible.