Are We?

Ok, folks.

Prepare for the countdown of something that hasn't happened for 3 quarters of a million year! Although we are not sure it'll happen yet...

But set your clocks on some hundred years to a thousand years; and hold on tight cause the earth is going to flip!

More specifically the Earth magnetic field is going to flip (yeah, I know, it is old news...), so if you survive some hundred more years, prepare to buy sun-cream, before it is sold out!

Good luck everyone! :D

myspip myspip
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2007

so why would we need sunscreen?

Hehe, only the magnetic field might :) So your compasses will point the other direction...<br />
But the geographical areas will stay the same :P and earth's orientation in the solar system.

Does that mean the earth is actually going to move upside down?