Out With The Old

I am ready for something new. I think I have reached the point in my life where I am ready to make some major changes and try something new. I am ready to get out there and do the things it takes to make me happy, and leave behind the things that dont. New things have always scared me. I like the old, even if I am not happy, because its comfortable. New things require change, and thats always scary for me. The more I think about it though, the more I am unwilling to let things stay the same just because that is easier. I am ready for new things and new experiences!
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Wow, I'm in exactly the same place. My wife showed no remorse over something that hurt me, we fought, I threatened divorce. Finally she relented and understood and regretted all poins made like flipping on a light. Then later she went back to her original position. That pretty much destroyed all faith I had in her to be trustworthy.
I'm just not willing to stay in a relationship that has no trust at all. I'd given her a deadline, by January - to resolve with me once and for all or see me for the last time. She agreed, and placated me with sex. Since then she's proven she's just not capable of meeting my terms. So my mind is made up, but because a deal is a deal, I will still suffer the holidays in a marriage that has failed, but I have no intention of saying anything but "it's over" when the time comes.
I can no longer tolerate a relationship that serves no purpose other than to draw me into a life of abuse and neglect. I am sick and tired and fed-up with being driven to fits of paranoia. To br tricked into thinking I'm the one who is nuts, or into believing she really gets it at last, how bad she's making me feel, only to realize I've been played for a fool for the something-th time.
I really hope you can find the courage to follow your instincts and make your way out of what's making you feel this way, and start a new life that is heathy and comfortable, which every human being deserves.