New Beginnings...

In our lifetime we all choose our own roads to follow; sometimes we choose the right road and sometimes not.  We all make mistakes along the way but it is these detours in life that sometimes end up strengthening us and fortifying us to be able to continue on our journey.  You may journey alone or with others, at times you may even hear footsteps behind you; those are the footsteps of those that you have left behind or that have not continued to journey as far as you.  Don’t look back!  Keep the steady course as you walk the path of life. There is a reason that they are behind you and not in front of you, that reason is new beginnings. 
As you walk through the fresh untouched earth remember that each new step is a new beginning, one that ends the one taken before it.   Each and every time you take a new breath it is a fresh chance at a new beginning in life. No one can live focusing on their last breath. 
I choose to walk boldly forward and forget the strife of the past.  I wait with childlike anticipation each new moment and accepting every new beginning that is offered to me in this lifetime. I know that as long as I am walking my life’s path that I have eloquent surprises that I have yet to uncover along the way.  I choose to forget the echoes of the past and instead I chose to live in my present where there is always the hope of the next new beginning.

So yes, I look forward with, much anticipation to new beginnings
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12 Responses Jul 11, 2010

You can come back anytime Sugar :) <br />
Love you!! XOXOX

basementsong- thanks so much for your very sweet and thoughtful comments. It's a work in progress but no sense in looking back and what cannot be changed. New beginnings are much more exciting to look forward to =). I would love to hear your story sometime!

My gratitude to you also 'Snow', it's been some years and has taken much time for me to conclude what you have so eloquently written.<br />
I Live with nature now, a lifetime dream realized that took a major part of my life to have the courage to do.<br />
Your kindness & fortitude wafts throughout your writing.<br />
Good fortune for the future.

Thanks unshakable- ready to start something new and moving forward is always a good decision. Sometimes there are things that are right before our eyes we simply must trust =)

What a wonderful story and it came so timely for me in my new journey.I must admit i went forward each day wavering at times but i just trust God and move on.Great experiences unfold daily and i am grateful for them.Thank you dear friend and have a blessed day.

Bluebie- Oh this post was inspired by a mutual friend of ours =) <br />
<br />
I needed to get this out and it was a great day to do it! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Hugs

Words of inspiration for sure Snowy. You bring such a wonderful, positive light into my life. Thank you girlfriend. Reading this post was well timed for me today. Hugs.

Sweetnshort- Thanks for your comments :)... we can all learn from moving on to the next chapter !

Thanks for this post. We all need to follow your words of Wisdom. You should have been a writer. Michael

Absolutely Sugar!!

Thanks SSSN =)... You can't always look back, you gotta get to the point when you move ahead. You can look back and appreciate the memories but even better you can look forward to NEW memories.. Love you too XOXOX

Angel- looking back is ok sweetie. It helps to remind us not to make the same mistakes again. Looking forward is even better. It allows us to focus on the future and what we truly deserve. And that is to be loved, respected and cherished in any relationship. You will be ready to start your journey and move forward when you are ready. There is no set time fr<x>ame. XOXXO