Adaptable, Sure.

I have lived everywhere. I remember these places vividly. Eight elementary schools and one highschool. I'm now going into my junior year at a whole new school in a new city. I am grateful we're moving to the city, because I love to socialize, meet people and I love nightlife. I got off on the wrong foot at the highschool I've gone to for the past two years, but things had started to look up and I was excited about it. I was hanging out with better people, I was going well in my classes, I quit doing drugs and my mother and I had a great relationship despite all of the ongoing problems outside of our tiny house outside of town that we rented. It was falling apart, yeah, but we loved that house. My mum worked hard but we spent lots of time together. I felt it coming, though. One day she came home from work, about 5 months ago, and said that she had gotten fired. My mom had taken all kinds of abuse at her work. She did more than she was supposed to do. I couldn't believe it. I felt that things would be alright, but after a month, my mother was still unemployed. We finally had to move out and live with my dad, step-mom, drug addict sister and my 2-year-old nephew. It was hectic for a while. I was driven to school and back, a far distance, to finish my semester at my school. My mom and I stopped hanging out so often. I sat on the computer (something I didn't have at our old place and I did not miss much until I had it back), and she in the basement. My mother tried getting back together with my step-dad but they ended up being officially over and done with (good for her), so she moved in with my aunt about an hour and a half away. My sister moved out and things went downhill with her and the baby, so he was taken away from her and given to my dad, my step-mom and I. My parents have sold their house in efforts to get away from the horrible town that corrupted my sister, and we are moving into our new house in less than two weeks. My mom is a little bit heartbroken that I won't be with her anymore, as I always have, but I think she knows that it's more stable for me. My dad, my step-mom and I definitely do not get along like my mother and I do, but that's life. Things will be hard in order for things to be easy later on, I suppose.
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It's tricky but maybe moving around lots is just as much a blessing and a curse as living in one place your whole life!