When I first started becoming spritually awake, it was not a subtle transition. I have always questioned the Government, and what I have been taught, but I was never enlightened enough to really understand what it was that I was feeling. I have always been against war and negativity overall, although I have experienced my fair share of it in my life. My understanding of the Revolution in 2012, or the Great Spiritual Awakening, is that it will be one of Hope, Love, and Light. We are all beings of light, and connected to God. I believe that most of us have forgotten this, and forgotten who we are inside. We have let negativity surround us, and engulf us. I am just one person, yet I feel like I should be doing more to help others awaken. I wish I did have more power, and could do more to help, but until that time comes, all I can do is help educate as many people as I can!
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Oh I know!!! I have just learned to keep my mouth shut, unless people ask me specifically. I have had so many fights with my family over it, and have decided it's no longer worth it!