I Want To....

Stand in the ocean and feel the water lapping against my bare feet,  climb a mountain and feel my muscles killing me the day after, go for a long drive and feel the wind on my face, make someone happy by doing something good and unexpected for them. I want to make new friends and bore them to death by talking there ears off, sit on the sea wall and eat pizza and laugh until I cry. Have crazy, kinky sex. Do something that is totally out of character, well do lots of things that are crazy and out of character :)

I want to do learn new things, make something that I can look at and say "hey, I made that" and feel proud about it. I want to do things that make me feel happy and scared and apprehensive and sad and lots of other emotions at the same time.

And hey, I think I will, starting today :D


Candita Candita
22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 6, 2007

i agree. to live in the moment--moving forward step by step. to highly-respect living with no regrets. to take in all you see as you breathe wandering this earth while you let your soul roam free.

That's the spirit.....I usually wake and tell myself...hey self....move with purpose....Do everything with purpose...strengthens the drive....opposes any lazy efforts...

You start out making the world a better place by waking up, and you don't stop there!

Yay!!! Cheers to LIVING life :D

*cheers you on!* <br />
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Do stuff!! Live superbly!!! And then tell us all stories!! :D

Thanks :D, having said that it's kinda scary though.