I really don't understand these idiots on dating sites. Typical idiotic things guys always say and do:
-"Are you a virgin?"
-"I'm h*rny."
-"I have morning wood."
-"Want to trade pix(nudes)?"
-How big are your b**bs?"
-Asks me to come to their house for a first date.
Why do guys not understand that my answer to any of these is BYE???
firecancatchme firecancatchme
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

That's the same thing that I'm finding too with the girls. Hard to find someone real who doesn't have sex at the forefront of their mind

Hello my name is brandon lol not all guys are like that usually for a first date i take women to my favorite steak house then we go to the park and walk and talk or i rent a canoe and we ride the river and snack and chat

Good try! I hope she gives you her number lol

Well thank you but you have got to be the part of the 5% that are actually decent guys! Unfortunately a steak house wouldn't work for me because I'm vegetarian! But it's still way better than the other douchebags out there!

Because such guys are not classy!