Can't Take It Any Longer

Already posted a similar story about this, but im ready to leave I am either crying myself to sleep or spending the night awake trying to decide what i should do about the situation. Evreything good that is supposed to happen doesnt, evreything good that does happen is followed by something terrible. Which is followed by something OK and then something even worse. It's on going like this. I know i shouldnt go, and i wont have the guts to, but i want to go and escape. Escape evreything, the abuse, the headaches, the gossip, the drama, all of it. But it's impossible, when i try and ignore it, something worse happens. And i know if i try to leave it will continue getting worse, I am surprised i have survived this long. I AM ready to leave. If you want to know more just read my other story.. :/
jaydefairy jaydefairy
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 2, 2012

Hey kiddo what you're experiencing is called life...there will always be peaks and valleys in every situation but I feel your pain and despite the fact that your feelings will change, right now the pain is quiet real. So what are your options? What steps are you taking to cope today? I don't know what got you here but know that things do get better but you've got to be proactive. You might not feel like getting out of bed, but you can't improve your situation cry, wipe your tears and cry some more...don't worry about the future, take it one day at a time. Do something for you everyday, love you...God loves you...don't forget that.....good luck.

ty :)