Let's Jump

The greatest power known to humans is that of unconditional love. We search endlessly for this kind of love and some of us never find it. I think it is because we search for it with our outer senses. Nations have come and gone under the guise of love for their people; religions have thrived and perished while claiming to be the true path to unconditional love. Through the ages singers and poets have all attempted to show us what this kind of love is and I think they have failed miserably because it is something that we have to find for our self, and is not something that we can live through words or songs; it is all demonstrated in the actions of those that we love and that love us. It is learning to live with the perceived faults of our lovers and even finding these faults enduring; it is wanting the best for the person you love even if that takes this person on another path, and it means letting that person go if that is what is best for them. Yes, I am ready to love again and to risk loss too if it comes to that but the point is that I realize I am ready and want to step out on the ledge and just jump. No looking down and no looking back. Who wants to jump with me?


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You said it beautifully. I too realized that I had found love, but didn't truely realize it until someone else actually asked me if I loved this other person. I did not give an answer, but we both knew it was true. And I did have to let that person go down another path, and I wish him the best and will always be there. And, eventhough we this still gives me great heart ache, I would do it again for the right person. I want to take that leap again.

just how high is this ledge?

Thanks sweetie.

FGMMM, We have talked about this type of love before and the more I consider love I know that you are right. Great post!

Love is of the soul, and every soul is different...when this love comes from the soul it truly is indescribable...the most powerful force imaginable. whether true or not, as you said, it has had the power to make nations prosper or crumble; in all it's forms it has shaped the world...

If you put your boob avatar back up my husband will jump in!

Thanks Student;

awwww thanks y'all

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