Love Is a Wonderful Thing!

I have been looking for true love all my life, i'm ready to be loved now and i'm ready to give love in return.  I am hoping and praying that will be soon because love is such a wonderful thing.  Its really wonderful to feel wanted and needed, of course, i have that with my children but it would be so nice to have it on an intimate level also.  Its a different kind of love, one where i like the two of us to be a whole ONE.  The two halfs finally coming together as ONE.



Angeleyes777 Angeleyes777
31-35, F
3 Responses Jun 29, 2009

Dear Angeleyes, I must say to you as I say to all those looking for love and that is "STOP"! A true love that's meant to be will just happen naturally, no need to go looking for it, it will find you. I understand your want and need for companionship or a warm embrace, we all need that. I've often heard the phrase quoted, "He completes me!" or "She completes me!" and at the end of your story you even said the "Two halfs come together as one!". From my point of perspective when somebody says those things such as they complete me! You're admitting you're only half the person you should be and need someone else to rely on to make your life complete which would place an enormous amount of pressure on the guy and the relationship. Sweetheart, don't think of yourself as half of a person but a whole woman, complete, with high self esteem and demand respect. I'm sure if you will follow these tips you will have a much more positive outlook in the near future.

I wish you eternal happiness :)

Love is a wonderful thing. If it does seem to come soon just make sure to take things slow because there is nothing worse then loving someone who does not love you back. Best of luck in finding your soulmate though.