There are no words to express how much i want to move out!

i am 19, but i am forced to live at home because of medical problems.

Every day my mother comes home and finds something to nag or yell at me about, literally everyday. She makes me feel so unwelcome and often asks me to get out of her house. she once even refered to me using the house like a hotel, she has no consideration to the actual fact of why i am still at home and really makes me believe she doesnt love me.

I have a boyfriend who also lives with his parents he shows no sign of ever wanting to move out as he has it too easy at home gets his food bought for him his mum does his washing etc. When i am able to move out it seems like it will be without him as he is too stubborn to move.

Fingers crossed the medical issues resolve and i can get out of this place.
JesAuraya JesAuraya
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2010