I’ve been at the corporate office and kinda displaced since December. I have basically become the “do girl” with the last eight weeks being tied to the front desk literally cutting out staples from paper and other brain numbing tasks. Monday I get to go home, back to my wonderful office with a wonderful door that I can close at will! I will be slammed beyond and can’t wait. I’ve already started working on a few projects and I’m in the process of reserving the conference room for a meeting I’ve arranged with CSX Rail. J See I have a brain and unfortunately working at this desk people seem to forget that. I have had people ignore me, treat me poorly, honey-sweetie-darlin’ the heck out of me and basically look down on me because I am the desk girl. Sad that society has that perception but it is what it is. Just the other day a man and woman, whom I’d never seen, came in. I smiled and politely asked if I could assist. “Yes we have a meeting with ___ (our VP)”. Certainly I said, and as I picked up the phone to notify our Executive Assistant I asked their names and his reply was “I know where the door is and I’m going in”. WHAT A PR!CK! She at least made a comment “Oh I’m nicer than him” and I so wanted to reply but didn’t. Turns out that he was from the company we just purchased and is now being promoted to some made-up position just for him. He has no clue who I am but he’ll find out very soon! I might not be a VP but I’m confident in the fact that at some point he’s going to be visiting my office and we’ll be properly introduced and then it will click “OH… you’re that girl…” uhh huh…


I’m not recognized in person by a lot of the people that come here because most of what I do is via phone or computer but it never fails when someone mentions who I work under I always get the big “OH YEAH” followed by a sudden interest to shake my hand.


Anyways, off track and lost in the marshmallow mode. So Monday I’m back and this weekend I will pop in and make sure my office is ready to go. I brought my PC with me as I have years of info that I needed so gotta take that back as well as some of the files I’ve allowed to tag along. J


Yeah for me!! Sorry if this went array… I was up doing homework until 1:45 and my brain is not functioning well!


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I know the feeling. The job I currently have is actually two jobs in one. I am the executive admin. assistant to operations and account manager. I get comments like, "Your just the secretary!' or "Must be hard answering the phones all day" WTF! It is such an insult when people think I sit on my A** all day and paint my nails. I'd like to see them try what I do! Us intelligent, important women need to stick together MSP and show them what we got!

It's like this desk automatically deducts IQ points or something... uuhhgg *giggles*

He he he he Split-give the ***** HELL when he is escorted to your office...

they are already buggin' me... and I LOVE IT