More of Jesus

I started at a very young age in my "Journey to seek Christ".  I have always been very interested in learning everything that I can possibly learn about my Savior, and though not always easy, His grace and mercy never ceases to amaze me. 

Now, I am near 30 years of age, and God has called me into the ministry of Praise and Worship. There is something about ushering in the Presence of the Lord.  To invite people to follow me, into His inner courts of Praise, and more importantly...WORSHIP!  God has taught me so much about having true intimacy with Him, and continues to teach me every day that I live.  My desires are to be a light and minister through song to capture the hearts of God's people.  God bless you and may His mercy outshine every hurdle, every storm and may you learn to trust and surrender to the ONLY One there to answer your call.  He's waiting and He's beckoning for you to welcome Him in.

Yours In Christ,

Mindy Van Sickle

26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 26, 2007

You are now a part of a flock of sheep. Yes the igorant animal that is used for clothing and food. A follower of idiots if you will. Dont you know there is no god. You are a coward who is afraid of death or something that is holding you back from really living.

God didn't help me but I am glad that you got so much out of it.