I Love My Lord and Saviour

 my life had always felt empty til i finally came to Jesus ....  its so strange how it happened ... one day my best friend ( who was in kidney failure  and on dialysis 3x a week ) called me and we were just talking about one of my  old used to be friends  her ex husband and how he doesnt believe in Christianity any more and hes questioning the belief and yada yada yada ... and we were talking about our beliefs and such  well she had just gotten on the donors list  and that night she called me and said Kel i cant talk long but im on my way to get my transplant done  we are on our way to osu now ....  right then i knew there was no other place to turn ... God had placed this miracle in her life ..  and  it turned me into a practicing Christian ....  ive been attending church regularly and  doing a bible study nightly  i slip occasionally but not for too long ..  that was my account of witnessing because there is no other way than by an act of God that a miracle like that could have occured . 
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Congratulations on your salvation. x