We are all real. But here on EP most people share one facet of themselves. Which is useful and fun. But when we become really real and share various facets of ourselves, problems arise. A normal complex person will have people who share a few interests. In real life we have different friendships on different levels and based on different things. But here on EP all of our friends see everything. And the people who like our common hobby (for example) might be offended by our sexual interests. And they withdraw because they do not want to see all that. And the ones who share our sexual interests do not want to know about out grief and pains and withdraw. The ones who share our griefs and pains do not share our concerns or political views and withdraw. The ones who share our philosphies of life do not share our sense of humor. and on and on. And so the more real we become, the more isolated we become. Of course we can have multiple IDs, One for each facet of our actual person. But then are these real? What is written might be real. But the personna we have then is no longer real. It hides all the other parts of us. So I prefer not to go that route. I would rather just offend everyone and fade away than to be many "real" artifical personalities created just for this or that other group of friends. Of course it would be nice if people could just accept each other as people and no one would have to wonder what their EP friends would think if they knew .... (whatever it is that would offend them. But then this is a slice of the real world. And there are those with whom we could have great conversations and mental stimulation who will not have anything to do with us because they will not add anyone who............. And the great diversity here which could be so beneficial to all comes to nothing. And yet so many are "real".
demorcan demorcan
61-65, M
Sep 13, 2012