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hello friends, am anu and i am pure south Indian Tamil girl who was married recently to a Tamil guy who lives in London. It was a love marriage, At first my hubby dont like me to wear costumes which is modern while i was at chennai. He even scolded me not to wear low neck blouses once. but after marriage I came to Uk and living here with him. The problem is nowadays my hubby asks me to wear low neck dresses and keep on asking me to wear strapless dresses. I am from a decent family but coz of him i accepts his words and started wearing it. At first i feel very uncomfortable to wear low necks but started to wear it for him. I was ok with little low neck but nowadays he is asking me to wear deep low neck which shows half of my 36b cleavage. he alwayz convince me that he loves mu curves, nowadays am wearing deep low necks which shows half of my cleavage.. I like to show it to him but he asks me to wear in public.. and moreover i dont know what to do at this moment.. any suggestions please??
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Dec 15, 2012