Being Real

Why is it that so many people are afraid to truly let themselves be open. We all tend to have the same problems and concerns. Yet, we don't want to talk to others about our feelings or what we really think.

 Are we just afraid others will not accept us if they truly knew the inside of us? I wonder. 

Life could be so much easier if we would take the chance and be so open with ourselves that not only could others be blessed and possibly saved from the heartache we have gone through but we could also learn from others.  

Maybe that is the ultimate reason. We don't want to learn form others. We have to be bull headed and struggle and instead of going around a fire when told it's hot; we want to go in the middle of it to see for ourselves.  

I have always had a great respect and liking for those older than me. I love to hear their stories and learn from the wisdom of what life has taught them. I truly feel if we all took more time to learn from our elders and from each other our lives would be happier, more full filled, and easier.  

Life is hard enough and drama filled enough.  Why shouldn't we take the time to alleviate some of it by accepting the wisdom of those who have lived through something and came out stronger because of it?   

To me, that is the reason God allows us all to experience different issues. We experience what we are strongest to experience so that we can help those who need the help. We rob others of what we learn by not sharing and caring. We rob ourselves of the Blessing from God by not following his plan to "bear one another's burdens".

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4 Responses Aug 15, 2008

lisky has a point when people tell you how THEY feel you tell them whats WRONG with it and not on major issues like politics religion or abortion <br />
<br />
When people tell you how situation x effects THEM you tell them how it SHOULD effect them<br />
<br />
when they present you with the reality of THEIR situation you accuse them of making exuses <br />
<br />
negative feelings are DISMISSED as whining, wallowing or having a pity party, having a chip on their shoulder or a bad attitude <br />
<br />
you tell the most vulnerable and broken to do the emotionally impossible and come very close to brow beating them when they say the can't <br />
<br />
when further explanation is offered you STOP listening<br />
<br />
it comes of as unimaginablly CRUEL <br />
<br />
saddly you are not alone too many are this why <br />
<br />
would you open up to THAT?

lilskyy I feel you have missed the whole point of my story. as for your questions, i have no problem hearing what someone thinks or feels. A mature person who understands many issues bring out emotions as well will not take comments personally. Anyone can agree to disagree. <br />
<br />
Adult communication lies in the receiving and delivery of that communication. Which is really where the problem lies..........inmaturity on both or one part of the communicators. <br />
<br />
And yes, I beleive real communication and being truly real will bring peace and understanding.<br />
<br />
Thank you for you comment, I do beleive in each having an openion even if we don't agree we can still find a common ground to build upon.

Because people like you want to pick and choose what you want other to say. When they actually do want to talk about their feelings and tell others how they really feel, the situation changes. People like you don't want to hear somebody say "I don't like homosexuals because" or "This generation sucks because" or "Abortion is monstrous and I hate anyone who takes part in it because" or "I hate (fill in race) people because." Once we get on THOSE topics all of the sudden you don't want to here it or are insulted by the very idea that other people feel certain ways about specific topics. You want us to enlighten one another and learn from each other by sharing such opinions. But how much would you appreciate it if someone said "You know you're kind of ugly. It would help a lot if you invested in this procedure. Here's a brochure." So think twice before you ask for people to act certain ways. because you will get a lot of hateful people telling one another what they hate about one another and why. And will that really bring peace?

I miss my grandparents, great grandparents and great aunts & uncles telling me about this country and the world pre-1950's back to the turn of the century (1900). As well as my Mother telling me about the 30's - 40's, the WWII years.