Like It Or Lump It!

i am nothing but myself, me is all i have. I dont want to compromise myself, i dont want to say stuff because its correct but because i believe what i am saying. I dont want to be right all the time. I have an opinion and i want to be able to voice it. I want to make mistakes, i want to learn by them. I want to be able to repeat what i have seen without elaborating on it. I want to be open about how i think and feel. I am real and want to remain that way.

thehippy thehippy
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 30, 2009

yup im a work in progress!

yes thats basically it, i am what i am. Like it or lump it. lol

Good for you and it sounds like your saying, you arent going to apologize to anyone for being YOU, cause your ok with who you are. Heh I think your alright too!