Women My Age

Let me apologize up front, I don’t care to sound like a complainer, however, I have grown weary of the women advertising in online dating. But this is about what we experience, and mine concerns the women around my age (late 50’s), mainly their dismay that they can not find a man in the same age range.

            So here I am; I have to say my choices are plus 10 the age of daughter (five year area negotiable). What do I tell them, the truth (there’s an old Polish saying; not even the caterpillar hears everyone of its foot falls). Have most of my hair, need to lose 25 lbs can repair just about anything (paid $20 for my laptop, it didn’t function). Detest pro-sports (no sports widows here, would rather watch old movies or cooking shows) yes I cook, just one of my plethora of interests. Such as the guitar, juggling (balls, devil sticks and pins), love science, history, philosophy and comedy (well come on it’s imbedded in everything)! Add a great sense of ******, can’t name them all, but Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Carlin, Bosler, Griffin and strips Gary Larson (far side), Bloom County; BB and Calvin and Hobbs (I wonder if Waterson intentionally chose Hobbs; when caught at something Cal points at Hobbs (Hob is a euphemism for the devil). I would also love to do stand up, I’m also a punster. I’m fairly well read (need to work on the poets). Love “Jeopardy” (in my salad days I met an extraordinary woman; she was on my level). I taught her to play chess and cribbage and she went on to best me at both, I loved her all the more, I’m not a control freak (you learn nothing from a stooge). My tastes are strong intelligent woman (I’m not the threatened male). I could go on; handwriting analysis, tarot card reading, however, I fail to see the asterisk (either visible or not), the bottom line remains the same: MUST MAKE SIX FIGURES OR BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            So I am tired of women my age complaining they can’t find men my age.


Any comments would graciously be received.


beentherealot beentherealot
Oct 15, 2009