True Friends Are There For You

Over the past few months I've been realizing who my real friends are. I used to think that the people that I hung out with on a regular basis were awful, that we didn't click. They were holding me back from real friendships, from some deeper and more worthwhile somewhere else. And so I found a glimmer of hope in a new aquaintence. He was like no one I had ever met before, unlike any of my friends, and so I grasped on to that and tried as hard as I could to make something between us. This was it!, I thought, something better! And so he became my life, a constant presence in my mind, the only person I cared to speak to.

But as I have gotten to know him, I can see my slip is beginning to show. I care about our friendship so much more than he cares about it; I was too blind to see this before, but everyday it becomes more obvious. Throughout this whole experience, I have come to realize how great my true friends are to me. Unlike him, they care about me and are there for me. Friendship isn't about cheap thrills and laughs, it's about being there in the good times and the bad, the boring times and the fun times.

I am now grateful for my friends. I don't know how I got to be so lucky; I don't deserve them.

hnah1313 hnah1313
Feb 14, 2009