Abnormaly Formed.. Strangly Naughty..Bit of a ****..and a Lot of Baggage...little Bits of Me...

I have to put lotion on my hands if they have been wet and get all soggy..or ill puke.

I have been so drunk I had to ask my date if we screwed, the next day.

I have gone down on a girl and found toilet paper.. but ate her anyway.

I  am  so stoned sometimes, i laugh at very inaproprate times. but do nothing to try to control it.

I have a third nipple. it is small looks like a mole.

I download a lot of lesbian ****.

I have daddy issues.

I am shut out from my family, because of what i beleave in.
I spread my legs under the water spout when im in the bath tub often, to get off.. its nice.

furiousangel furiousangel
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 5, 2007

I spread my legs under the water spout when im in the bath tub to...its really relaxing...and quite fun..ooo man i love it.

I know what you mean by the bathtub...

thanks for the bathtub idea -think i'll try it. <br />

sorry - you're really not abnormal but what you've written here. I have two siblings with a 3rd nipple, most guys have done what you've written, everyone has parental issues, disassociate from those we do not agree with and last (but not least) we all like to get off one way or another - I got a girlfriend off the way you mention one time - it was fun doing it with her.....