I live in St Louis County ... The media makes it worse and hey Ferguson police you made it worse Ksdk what were you thinking? Yeah its easier to apologize after you give out directions to an officers home. KSDK YOU SUCK!

Looters and vandals I hope you get 25-life. You dont deserve a home. You dont deserve even cable 3 hots and a cot.

Im tired of the race card Brown was a criminal the moment shoplifts and assaults occur by you, youre a criminal! You attack an officer you die. Assault causing injuries

Its not a race thing ... Its a criminal thing You know who I hear using N word its not Caucasians its African Americans
Martial Law needs to happen if anything.

Local businesses should pull out of Ferguson all together and you get nothing but your hateful selves. If media stops showing up how many protesters would there be?
BanMan BanMan
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I'm like you. I am sick and tired of Ferguson. When its black on white it's okay, but when its white on black God forbid. These are losers that only take and take and take. They can protest all day and all night becuase they don't work.

It's also "okay" if it's black on black or white on white. Everything becomes a racial issue only because it's convenient, when it was clearly and simply a "cop on criminal" issue

U are a dumb racist piece of **** die ***** with a big black **** in ya mouth

no whats racist is thugs like you who loot look for 3 min of fame and want to say oh I was jus playn dont shoot....thugs like you that think people owe them everything thugs like you dont have enough sense to keep their legs closed thugs like you who dont anyone else to have nothing because you cant work for what you have thugs like you who pull the race card everytime and take no responsibilty for your actions