Really Annoyed

im really annoyed with you why have you troubled me so much in the past i wish we had never met i dont know why but im really really really annoyed with you because you have always tried to make me your slave i dont know from where you came you have changed my life i curse myself that i believed you i jus want you to leave me alone so that i can stay happy but no you wont leave me i think you wont leave me till i die from so many days you where good with me but suddenly everything has changed i dont know why have you changed so much i wish we where friends forever i loved your company but all of a sudden you kicked me out of your life you should have never done that i think you dont know the meaning of friendship or else you would have never done that i think all is finished its over we dont have anything between us i think being annoyed with you is useless so im not annoyed with you and i have not mentioned that person's name over here
Roadguy Roadguy
26-30, M
Sep 11, 2012