Not Really One Person, But Two!

my best friend is dating my fiance's best friend. at first, this was good but now it's starting to go real bad!

My fiance and I spend the week together, then the weekend is to make time for our friends. But my best friend and her boyfriend spend the weekend in bed, then are wanting to hang out during the week.

It's really annoying because, when we make time on weekends, they don't want to know, but when we want time for ourselves, they are always wanting to hang out.

I don't expect them to change their schedule just to spend time with us, but why do they have to disrupt the way we do things? we don't disrupt their lazy days in bed on weekends, so why do we have to put up with them disrupting our alone time.

It's getting over the top now too. Because my fiance and I are living in my house alone for two weeks because my parents are on holiday. I was in college today, and my fiance stayed at my house. And knowing I wasn't even there, She went to my house! I found it so cheeky!

Before now they've just walked in to my house, When they call asking if they can come up, if i say we are having food and i'll call them when i'm done, 10 minutes later they'll be at my house expecting me to let them in.

It's getting beyond a joke!

All i want is some time alone with my fiance to do couple things without being disturbed by them! 

can anybody suggest anything?


LawRaJayne LawRaJayne
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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

At some point, you will have to tell them how you feel, because it is simply not fair. The longer you let them take advantage of your friendship, the worse it will get I ,personally, would rather sat her down and talk to her and explain the situation as nice as you can. Have your fiance talk to her boyfriend, that way, it will be one on one conversations and no one will have to feel awkward or embarrassed. Also, you need to address the fact that you are uncomfortable with her coming to your home at a time when she KNEW you wouldn't be there, but yet your fiance was. Believe me, it's best to address this particular issue NOW, as I have been in that situation and found out the female wasn't truly a friend she was interested in MY man. I was furious, I felt hurt, and betrayed She got humiliated as he turned her down flat, sent her on her way, then told me about after I got home. He really didn't want to cause any drama or hurt feelings, but we have the kind of relationship where we don't hide. anything from one another. What I am trying to tell you is that if you don't stop this behavior now, it could be the end of a friendship, and maybe even your relationship. If she was to spread a rumor that something happened between her and your fiance, would you believe the rumors? Would you have doubts about your relationship with your fiance? These are things that you must ask yourself if you let this behavior go on. They will also cause a rift between you and your fiance if they continue to interrupt your plans. You need time together also, They can spend more time together as a couple also, and compromise to spend the time for friends on the weekend, If they can seek out you and your fiance through the week to interrupt your plans, then perhaps they need to redistribute their time (they seem to have more free time than you and yours) as I have suggested.

Turn off your phone! That way you are not tempted to answer it or respond to their messages. That's what I do when I want a lone time... No one knows where I am that way!!! hee hee hee

lock the door and turn out the lights :oP