Amy (be Warned This Is Really Sad)

i had a beautiful young parrot called amy, i adored her, and did everything with her, the whole day she would be near me on my shoulder or on her perch near by, she was talking really well to even though she was only a baby, i guess because she spent so much time with me.

she pretty much ruled the house, i spent a fortune on her every week on new toys, and treats, she was my angel.

but unlike some parots amy loved everyone, i mean litraly everyone.

didnt matter who you were she would say hello to you she was an absolute babe, then one morning i work up, and i couldnt hear amy, and normally as soon as i woke up she was calling out to me.

when i went into the room where her cage was my husband cat was in the cage he had killed her, i was in bits.

and i would have killed that cat, if it hadnt had the good sense to get out of there, sid is now called satans cat as far as i am concerned.

my husband didnt fair much better either, as he had put amy away the night before and clearly not closed her cage properly or the door to her room.

it really broke my heart, and i long for another parrot but there is no way i am getting another one while there are cats in the house, im just not risking it.

what upset me most is so many people i spoke to before getting a bird said that a cat would soon learn not to even try to get them, and i thought sid had because amy had had him so many times, and even chased him across the room, all we can think is that while she was sleeping sid snuck up on her.

but it broke my heart, parrots are brilliant companions, but be very diligent if you have cats, even if your birds seem to be able to handle themselves.

i will get another bird but not until the cats are long gone, i just cant take that risk again i would be living constantly in fear for my poor bird.

i told you it was sad.

jossiemarie jossiemarie
22-25, F
Apr 23, 2008