My Breakdown Over My Mom

When I was younger my older sister commented to me stating that my mom is depressed... I never noticed until then, a very big realization.
Then I was thinking over how are relationship was & I thought maybe I was a litter hard on he, I convinced myself that i was a lot worse then I actually was, that she was depressed & suicidal because Of me.... It escalated to "I killed my mom, it's my fault. I murdered my mom." -> she didn't actually die I was emplying that she's killing hersf from me. So I broken own cried in the same spot, didn't move, speak one worse, on anything for 2 days, litteraly no movement what so every, Cept crying.

Just so you know my mom did NOT kill herself, nor was she depressed.
MulletMacSween MulletMacSween
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Seriously, why did you say that? That was highly highly inappropriate. & the ending was saying that I don't believe that now, my mom didn't even die. But oh my Lord, why?