...I am really insecure about everything. I will never be good enough for myself unless I get plastic surgery.
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

I know what you feel like too. I want to achieve the same kinds of things you want to also. I want to become a girl. I want to have a slender, sexy body, and a beautiful face. I also want to have a beautiful singing voice but im now 14. Do you know if I can become this kind of girl I want to be?

i feel the same way and it makes it even worse that my husband loves to look at naked big booty online. It makes me feel not good enough. And i cant stand doing anything becuz im always worried if he is looking at other women and what he his thinking!! Is he thinking......." damn she fine i would like to tap dat ***"..... or what!! We went to the Tennessee football game today and it was impossible for me to enjoy myself because of all tha women there with there tiny short skirts and shorts with there perfect bodies!! I just had a baby 3 months ago and still have about 15 lbs more to loose and MAYBE then il feel better?

it saddens me you have to think this way