My Insecurity Takes Over My Life, Only To Completly Wreck It!!

from the moment i wake up the the moment i go to sleep everything that i say or every way i act like is based on my insecurity.
i have no social life and no freinds and even online friends i feel that i'm more and more prone to lose them overtime. this because i shut people out even without reason, my mind races in search for some little detail that turns their lack of trust in.. even if its not directly related to our relationship i keep looking for something that reveals they are bad people....even if they aren't. but i think this happens because i'm such a fragile person that i coudln't handle being any decived or hurt, still this approach to things is still damaging myself. i can't have healthy relationships. another thing that makes me feel really insecure is that i know i'm diferent from most. so i can't understand them they most people do. and i don't have the same events/stories/doubts/problems/atractions/likes/hates.....etc.. that they do. so this makes me feel inferior
does anyone have any suggestion? it's an irrational feeling tho so if u don't its ok lol
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You should not feel inferior to others you have just been lucky enough to have not had to go through the experiences of others. Any person can only give advice on the experierences that you have gone through and had to feal with and so you are an expert in those different fields but never inferior.<br />
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thank you

I know how you feel I have been hurt and so it's hard to trust people and even if people are kind to you you think they're going to hurt you anyway. We may not have the same experiences but we do think alike and no you are not inferior but yes you are different and that's not a bad thing. It's a good thing to be different. Just because you don't have the same event and stories like other people doesn't make you inferior everyone's different it's hard to feel good about yourself believe me I don't feel good about myself either. But I'm learning little by little everyday to think of something good about myself you should try it too. Hope that helps.<br />
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Take Care<br />
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thank you. it did! s2