And So Not Worth Anyones Time

I always compare myself to other people and wish i looked more like them. I guess i'm not like other girls. I don't want to be, but sometimes i get really frustrated i'm not ''as good or as cute or have this or have that''. I see people, happy, kissing, in love. Why can't i have this? Is it really that much to ask to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who loves me for the way i am? Who understands me and knows my flaws, loves them?
Why does love have to be so complicated? I crush on people who aren't within an arms reach or who are just unavailable or prolly not interested.

I wish my outter me was just as good as my inner me. I feel so awkward sometimes. I don't really bother to be with anyone in real life because i feel like i'm not good enough anyways. I'll just make a fool out of myself. Lately i'm almost believing i am good enough to be loved for who i am, but thats just silly..
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outer you will fade away with time, its the inner you that will remain forever. So dont worry , one day you will find someone who will love you for what you are. Never ever try to change :) and yes keep that belief young cause its not at all silly. hugs :)

i used to feel that way too. actually sometimes I still kinda do. What you have to do to limit that feeling is meet alot of new people. For example, I went to summer school today and at lunch I saw this guy sitting alone, and y friends and I joined him. I talked to him for a while, and realized he was a really cool guy and I made a new friend. Instead of sticking around where guys think ure awkward, go out and talk to some guy sitting alone and you're sure to make a friend on the basis of your personality rather than your reputation at school. Add me as a friend if you ever want to talk!

It's true every women is beautiful.(:

I am insecure too and I'm very close to being 21. people tell me I'm beautiful but I just don't see it. I pick myself apart all the time, god knows why. Thats why I told myself I would stop buying and reading celebrity magazines because that just makes it worse. But its not just about looks or celebrities. I compare myself to girls on the street, girls in class etc. I constantly doubt myself and question whether I'm good enough. It's so damaging and I know I need to break out of this thinking to be happy, but I understand how you feel. although I'm probably worse than you.

Yeah kinda how i feel :(

I do this all the time. i wish i could stop....

yea im the same, i wish i actually could change the way i think about myself,

I feel the same quite often. But we are worthy and worth something. Its things that happened in our lives that make us feel so unworthy but its NOT your fault and it will take time to build up confidence and love for yourself. But you take all the time you need. You are an awesome woman!

aww you shouldn't have to feel like that! your probably beautiful on the inside and out!(:

Like totally feel like that all the time. Better to hide away with music :)

haha yeh, what to do without music :P

I went through that. I never felt good enough. I ALWAYS compared myself to other girl, still do just not as much any more. I never feel "girly" enough. <br />
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Love isnt complicated its actually very simple. What love creates is complicated. It doesnt sound like you're putting yourself out there enough. It takes a while to get over being shy and sharing how you feel but i promise you when you put your feelings out there you will get the satisfaction of getting those feelings in return.<br />
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I have the perfect examples but it would turn into a REALLY long story.