Always Been This Way...

Hello everyone i just want to say that most of us have one thing we don't like about ourseleves. But you must love yourself and not relay on anyone else to make you feel how you want to because they may never will. Since middle school i have been a chunkier girl and been thick. Now i just found out i had breast cancer and had to have both of them taken and get implants. So now i have all kinds of scars and have to have chemo theropy(which means i will lose all my hair) it just really stinks. I have always had issues with the way that i look and now its worse. i just know i will never be a size 2 i am a big boned girl. just sometimes wish my husband let me know he loves my whole 22 and have been made fun of cause of the way i look.
KarlaBaer KarlaBaer
22-25, F
May 23, 2012