All my life i have considered myself average not pretty but cute, as a young girl i never was skinny and hell i probably will never be but i like who i am and how i look most of the times. If i said i enjoyed the way i look all the time i would be lie-ing to myself i remember my freshmen year of high school threw out most of my high school year most of my family would say "im fat and that i needed to take diet pills it helps", and honestly i did and it didn't help at all. The matter of fact is i was letting everyone get to me and i started starving myself little by little all it did was make me sick and didn't help (yes this was idiotic i know be nice). I'm still insecure but im reaching higher goals in my life. I did lose plenty of weight from my high school years six dress sizes and its also cause my metabolism stabilized. Now my goals are hopefully by the end of summer to get into the Army which will help me even more to get in shape and get over theses small insecurities i have left in me. Considering im not skinny i always think guys will look the other way and half the times it is like that life aint pretty but this is how i am you could be a worlds top ten models and be extremely thin and beautiful but be the biggest ***** out their just because some girls arnt skinny doesn't mean their not beautiful on the inside this is a lesson alot of people have yet to learn.(sorry not the best i probably ranted for abit this is a small thing about me which is very personal and other stories im debating on putting up)
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**** what others say. sometimes it gets you, but its important to realize soon that if you dont accept yourself for who you are, if you dont love yourself, noone else will aswell. In the end it’s not about who’s skinnier or prettier, it’s about who can survive the name calling, dirty looks, and rumors. It’s about who has the strength to shut it out. stop being unhappy about yourself. everyones perfect in there own way, stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people like you as much as they like someone else, stop trying to get attention for those people who hurt you. stop hating your body, your face, anything about you, without those things YOU wouldnt be YOU. be confident with who you it will draw people in. if anyone hates on you because you are happy with yourself then stick your middle finger in the air and say screw it. my happiness will not depend on others anymore. im happy because i love who i am. i love my flaws. i love my imperfections. they make me me. and 'me' is pretty amazing.
remember god spent 9 months creating you, you, not any other *****, but you, he made you the way you are for a reason, there is nothing in the world that is like you, anyone can be a barbie doll, but noone could be you, the real you. love the way you are:)).

Even the skinny "pretty" girls have insecurities. mine could eat me alive. I can tell you every fault I have. Every inch of me that I hate and try to cover up. The amount of times that I feel fat. The amount of surgeries I have considered to feel prettier. Its never ending. The way to get through it is to just hold your head up high and accept yourself. because when you fix what you dont like about your weight you will find something else that you dont like. and it is a vicious cycle. trust me. I lost a friend who couldnt accept herself. just hold strong. Everyone is cute in their own way. beautiful wears off

I say screw what people think.

yea thats what i do now but everyone has those days