Always Insecure

I am always feeling so insecure probably because my brother who (whom) I loved dearly told me often as a child that I was stupid, etc.  I'm  always thinking that I can't do things, because I make lots of mistakes.  I'm really slow when it comes to learning things and it seems that I'm always doing things wrong or differently.  It would be so wonderful just to feel like a normal confident person.  I try all my life to be smart, but I just seem to do things inappropriately.  I'm in mid-life, no job, no anything that I should have.  I just try to keep the faith that God will hear my cries.  I can really relate to how all you others feel.
girligirl girligirl
46-50, F
1 Response May 26, 2007

Hey, i understand how you feel.<br />
All my child hood, i got told how stupid i was & how thick, how i was nothing special, my mum never wanted me & so on. I was always put down, i had it everyday of my life. I'm now 18years old. It has effected me alot =(<br />
I have a wonderful boyfriend, but i'm very insecure. I never seem to believe him when he tells me nice things, because it's so hard to, due to my past.<br />
I always think he's looking at other girls too, because they are pretty.<br />
I wish i could stop all of this, because i don't want to lose him & be like my mother =(.