im in school and i have a very pretty group of friends. i constantly feel less attractive when im with them particularly as they seem to get more attention from the opposite sex than me. i know i am skinny however my weight is constantly fluctuating and i go through phases of binging or not eating. i dont think i have an eating disorder,  just that i have really low self esteem. i hate the way i look and i hate getting compliments because i am just so convinced they are wrong. i hate how flat chested i am and i feel like a boy. i wish i could be confident, however when i first meet people, im so terrified of the judgements they are making about me im so quiet and shy and fade into the background, which none of my friends can understand because when they see me i am so loud and outgoing.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I feel the same way. I've been there. I did not really have the breasts, or the eating problem. But your not alone:)

I was the same way in school. Try to keep your head up and focus on the qualities about yourself that you do like. God Bless hun