But i need to share my life experience .
My parents got divorced when i had 14 , i moved with my mom and sister out of our house . i had few relationships when i had 17 till 18 . That's when i met him , a tall guy serious looking . He had 28 y old and i can say was love on the first sight . He told me he been married and he had a child ( ofc after having sex ;) and i was young and stupid believing in love so i said is ok . One year went by and one day he was sad and feeling down so i ask what is wrong . he told me that if he would tell me what was going on in his mind i would leave him . after i said several times i wont there comes another bomb . he was married and had another child with another woman eh ! i was like wtf . hurted bad but i loved him and he swear that he had no relationships with her and he hated her and bla bla bla . and stupid of me i did not leave him but i continue being his gf .... me tall young thin beautiful rich ..... oh and haha he ofc did not have money several times so i gave him but nvm that . after 1 y and a half comes another big surprise ... he was trying tell me something and at one moment he just said : my son is 3 y old ! Felt like all of me died in that moment ! he was the man i trusted loved been so much through all this time and noone noone in my family or friends know my whole story , i had to stay silent . i stood up and left but he followed me ... and after a week of breaking up i went back with him . i know i am stupid but i loved him so much more than my life . He always offended me , treated me like **** also hited me twice .
One year ago .. my dad dies . Everyone who reading this and went through that knows what i felt and you know what ??? He did not even show at his funeral ... he came with his car following us but he was not by my side . he left me alone there in the day i needed him most . The worse ... he traveled only 5 days after my dad died . That made things cold and colder each day more but now even that 1 y passed i am still with him , i feel like this year i did not live , i felt dead . I REALLY WANT TO LEAVE HIM and i am making plans to go out of my country . i have people there waiting for me , and oh i forgot something , during this year a guy been close to me . by internet ofc but i can feel the difference and what a difference . When i go have coffee or have sex or whatever im doing with him i think of this guy and i am in love ! I am stucked in the past but i dream for the future . Do not judge me but pls anyone who been through a bad relationship help me ! any hypnosis or any site or something i can do to break free . i want to leave and i will leave him but the pain will be huge ! Still they say better an end with pain than an endless pain . i am 23 y old now :) !
Thank you everyone who readed my story and i will apreciate it .
agirlouthere agirlouthere
26-30, F
Aug 25, 2014