Cayotic Moments of Time

  You know, sometimes you just can't win, right now i am so peed off that i could just chew the head off even the most inocent creature for nothing, except that i know it wouldn't be right if it wasen't deserved, but what really gets me is that when someone serves you a plate of crap so to speak, it always ends up being that if you get pissed off about it, then it's thrown in your face like you're overreacting, like what ever it is you're mad about shouldn't get you mad, but i am mad, and because, i am tired of people pulling stupid stunts that cost me time and money, but don't get mad or say anything about it, otherwise you'll hurt someone's feelings, like i'm the culprit, i go thru this so many times in a day from so many people that, it's a no wonder i have taken to being a hermit, i hate having to deal with other peoples idiocyncricies, thier stupidity, and thier ignorance on a constant basis, i kid you not, and it's not that i am so perfect either, i'm far from that, but, i don't think i lay the kind of crap on people that i get from them, and especially when they think they did nothing wrong or stupid for me to get upset about, perhaps your thinking, well what kind of things am i upset about, well let me explain it in simple terms instead of individual actions, and only because there are so many things that **** me off in a days time that i would be writing all day, i'm sure that everybody has heard about the "MURPHY" syndrome, anything that can go wrong!!!! Well let me tell you, everything that can go wrong, does, even in it's most simplist form, i feel like i am married to murphy, although i must admit, every once in a while, my murphy does go to sleep and i manage to accomplish something worry free and without incodent, and believe me, i do cherish those moments, i wish i could feed my murphy a large dose of sleeping pills to make him go away, or at least leave the little things alone so i'm not so overwhelmed by the barrage of cayotic moments of time.
MrKnome MrKnome
56-60, M
Mar 21, 2007