The picture brings back memories. Couldn't resist!

But yes, lol, I am real. : )

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Never tried that! Wow! I'm going to test that out with sooomething. Just have to find it first. >: ) I clean everything with dawn soap because of the duck commercial, lol. And the fact that everything moving in this house is face/tongue first in whatever I am doing, they are so nosy!

Hehe. My daughter's favorite is actually an old-school looking linen bunny. I've discovered that washing linen in Pine Sol (strangely enough) removes bacon grease, pizza sauce, smeared vegetables, etc.

Love that story. Being loved makes you real. Which is why I can't seem to get rid of my old stuffed animals. Then they get loved by my daughter (of course after they get a good washing in the washing machine...but even then I get all paranoid and wonder if they like being in the washing machine or!)

Being real is a good thing. Like the velveteen rabbit, or something.