Egypt Revolution And Current Events In Gaza:

Last Friday, Egyptian protests divided them selves randomly into three groups, they went to both American and Jewish embassies in Cairo, the Jewish embassy group stayed till the next day and raised the Palestinian flag on the embassy. I think the story not ending here, we can get out two conclusions here, first and nearest: the Egyptians give a message that their revolution came to help and support all of the Arabic and Islamic nations' rights. The second more important conclusion that the Jewish government know will this aim and so they push the Egyptian military to a dangerous area where it has to take the authority and so wave away the Citizens from taking the authority and starting the real support to Gaza, so I hope the Palestinian Government to pass this period safely with political solutions and not giving the Jewish an opportunity to apply their plans, till we came –after ALLAH wish- by a Civilian government supporting our brother in Gaza.
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1 Response Apr 10, 2011

You’re totally right ! Egypt "Mubarak" has been supporting Israel as if it is one of his dearest countries (and I think it is) , having him gone, will make a big change and will be a big help for us, not just for the Islamic world, but specifically for Palestine, because of the shared boundaries" the Geographical location"! Israel was actually terrified of Egypt revolution because they know it will result badly on them!<br />
Taking off the Israeli flag was a message saying that they want no more relationships with Israel, plus they have to have a reaction, and a strong one for the Egyptian police that have been killed! Israel has to have boundaries, and stop going around killing people, such a terrorist country, if I can call it a "country" lol !<br />