Zionist Rabbi Unintentionally Speaks The Truth !!

The truth is out.
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3 Responses Nov 16, 2012

This is not a Rabbi, this is not a hat of Rabbi and not Rabbi's clothes. The only way to see the truth is to come to Israel. Not from some freak abroad.
I am polish and i live here.
What's to understand? That Gaza is under terror and the same terror is throwing missils on Israel as if they were millionaires, but their citizens are poor, only the terrorists are rich.
Israel helps the citizens of Gaza with food and medicines. Israel provides for years free electricity, water and diesel to Gaza. Meanwhile terrorists build bombs and underground paths to attack us. They have no inner peace.
Israel just wants to disarm Gaza to feel safe, but they make it hard by hiding missils under schools, hospitals and houses on which they tell their innocent people to stand on the roof so that Israel will not attack.
Israel has so much mercy and this is why it continues. None country would tolerate being attacked by missiles all the time. Here in Israel people are protected by "iron dome" which mostly doesn't fail, which neutralizes their falling missils but it costs 50.000$ every time and additionaly people hide. In Gaza people don't hide even though Israel warns them. Terrorists don't let people hide, they use them.
Even the arab countries are against the terror. The terrorists in Gaza bring shame to arabs.

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