Bad Mood Doesn't Even Come Close...

I am in a REALLY bad mood today. I want to call everything and everyone a bad word consisting of 4 letters and beginning with C.

The office chatter is penetrating my ears like aural acid.

A colleague schmoozing on the phone, can't quite get his tongue down the line to lick the callers arse. Nearly though.

Then there's ginger. My dictator, fuhrer, whatever. Her laugh reminds me of a zoo. A zoo inhabited by baboons and jackals. It really is that bad. There are a thousand other things that I loathe about her, even on an ordinary day, but today it's the laugh.

I am trying to suffer the fools in the office. Its tough. They ask such pointless questions. It's like, oh why use my brain, I can just use yours. Well mine is on full capacity overload, just trying to keep myself amused at work on this miserable rainy day.

I know what will make me feel better.. some people I don't like are on holiday. Going to check the weather. Hope its crap there too.

I'm not usually this grouchy, and this isn't even PMT. Its something darker and more frustrating.

I just want to go home. Switch off my mind and wake up feeling happy. Argh.

SavvySoul SavvySoul
26-30, F
May 30, 2007